Sudan Alumni Series: Armando Godinez, Jr.

Armando Godinez, Jr graduated from Sudan High School in 1998 and he is currently the Assocate Director of Creative for the Office of Communications & Marketing at Texas Tech University.  We are so thankful that he took the time to fill us in on his life and work these days.

What did you do after graduating from Sudan High School?

I received an art scholarship to Western Texas College and then transferred to Texas Tech University where I received by Bachelors of Fine Arts in Graphic Design in 2004.  And I currently live in Lubbock, working at Texas Tech University.

What do you love about what you do now?

I really enjoy the creative process, problem solving and being around so many talented individuals that all have a common goal of raising the profile of Texas Tech University.

What were your favorite classes at Sudan High School and how did those classes prepare you for your future career?

I really loved my art and woodworking classes.  My art classes were foundational for my jump to junior college and then the graphic design classes at Texas Tech.  I believe that woodworking also helped from a problem solving standpoint as well.

Who were some of your favorite teachers?

Mrs. Kleman was my favorite teacher in high school.  She took me under her wing and saw that I had talent and helped to foster that during my junior and senior years.  She helped me enroll in AP Art for which I developed a portfolio of various art pieces and earned college credit hours.  She also entered my art in various contests around the region and that garnered me a Gold Key Award and an art scholarship to Western Texas College.  I still have that Gold Key Award hanging in my home office as a reminder of what a great teacher she was. 

My other favorite teacher was Mr. Brotherton, who taught woodworking.  He was so patient and kind in showing myself and other students the different tools and techniques for building out specific projects.  I was able to immerse myself in learning just about all the tools in that shop from the table saw, scroll saw, lathe, and many others.  I built a cedar chest, art table and turned out lots of pens.

What other extracurricular activities were you involved in and how do you think that prepared you for your future career?

I played varsity basketball and that really instilled discipline, hard work and a competitive drive that helps me to this day.  I was also able to make it to state competition with a couple of my woodworking projects and that was very gratifying.  I still use those problem solving skills for my projects that I picked up from woodworking.  Sometimes you just have to look at the problem from a different angle and it’s not always linear.

What advice do you have for our current students at Sudan ISD?

There is so much out in the world to explore and learn from and Sudan ISD is a great school that helps you learn some of those skill sets prior to pursuing what ever dreams or goals you have.  Just remember to get some type of post-high school eduction, whether it’s a certificate course, trade school or four-year university.  Those things help open doors for yourself and your future generations.

Armando is very talented graphic designer and you can look at his work that he has designed on his Arma Graphico website.  He has received over 40 awards since high school and throughout his professional career and most recently had three of his logo designs published in a highly respected graphic design publication, Logo Lounge.  We love that he shared some of his amazing work with us.

He lives in Lubbock with his wife and two, beautiful girls.  He says that he tends to be a busy body, spending time working on his home landscaping and projects around the house.  He loves traveling, being a foodie and discovering unique local places.

Armando, we are so grateful that you took the time out of your busy schedule to visit with the Sudan Education Foundation and wish you nothing but continued success, personally and professionally.  We are proud that you are a Sudan alum!

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